Google Street View

One Time Fee with No Yearly Fees

We guarantee the high quality

Pricing is calculated according to the size and articulation of the interior. There are no annual fees. Just a simple one-time payment for total data acquisition and processing. Once payment is received, the Google Street View tour will be placed on Google Maps, Search, and the Google My Business page.

Size Descritpion Price Excluding VAT 21%
Small business Street View + Small Interior 50 sq. meters + 10 Photographs 249 EUR
Large business Street View + Large Interior + 10 Photographs 890 EUR
Hotel Model Package Street View + Reception + Restaurant + 2 Rooms + 30 Photographs 690 EUR

One time fee

You pay only once.

Transportation fee

Free. We do not charge for transportation.

Unlimited license

Your business owns its full license and can use the package photographs anyway you want.

Additional Services:

Descritpion Price Excluding VAT 21%
Set of 10 Professional Photographs 190 EUR
Spherical images for Facebook exported from Google Street View 50 EUR
TourMake 190 EUR

Optimization of Google My Business Listing

We will solve all your problems with Google My Business. Our team will check and optimize everything so your business benefits the most from this excellent Google service. We will verify your business on site. All for a one time fee of 100 EUR.